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Larrakia country

The Rapid Creek Landcare Group acknowledges the Larrakia people as traditional owners and custodians of Gurambai. Gurambai is the Larrakia name for Rapid Creek and means elbow, referring to the shape of the creek at the saltwater end, towards the mouth of the creek. Larrakia people know that long time Darwin residents also call this creek 'Freshwater', the Larrakia name for all freshwater is Karoewa.

Rapid Creek

Rapid Creek forms the only significant freshwater system in Darwin. It supports rich and varied wildlife in paperbark swamps, woodlands, pandanus communities, riverine monsoon forest and mangroves. This special place is under constant threat from: weeds, in particular Gamba grass; destructive, arson lit, late dry season wildfires; water pollution; inappropriate development; and vegetation clearing. The Landcare Group’s members look after Rapid Creek through on-ground work, promoting awareness about the creek and advocating for better management throughout the catchment.

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Each year a clean up event is organised by Rapid Creek Landcare Group and the Clontarf Foundation

New members join up to help with planting seedlings

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