Rapid Creek Landcare Group


The Rapid Creek Landcare Group’s members look after Rapid Creek through working bees, by promoting awareness about the creek and by advocating for better management throughout the catchment.

The Group’s objects and purposes are:

  1. restore and protect natural ecosystems within the Rapid Creek catchment

  2. promote the implementation of the broad concepts and principles outlined in the Rapid Creek Management Plan, 1994

  3. establish and maintain links with and between community groups, landholders and other stakeholders in the Rapid Creek catchment to facilitate understanding and support

  4. involve the community in the management and enjoyment of the Rapid Creek open space land

  5. develop understanding in the community of the natural values and cultural heritage of the Rapid Creek catchment and of land, flora and fauna conservation

  6. undertake other Landcare activities as appropriate

Read about some of our recent work in this report.