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Our Volunteers Attack Rubber Vine

Our volunteers recently eradicated an outbreak of the Class A reportable weed, ornamental rubber vine (Cryptostegia madagascariensis). Get to know this plant here, and let us know if you see it.

Our Volunteers Recognised by Parks

Rapid Creek Landcare Group’s volunteers were awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Parks and Wildlife during National Volunteer Week for our work on the Casuarina Coastal Reserve. We are undertaking a rehabilitation project near the mouth of Rapid Creek and work with Parks through an MOU.

Clontarf Cleans Up

As part of their 2019 Year 7 Induction, around 100 Clontarf Academy students from Darwin, Palmerston and Katherine joined with the Rapid Creek Landcare Group to undertake a Clean Up Australia Day event at the mouth of Rapid Creek and the adjacent mangroves and beach. The students were given instruction on the safe collection and handling of litter. They collected 20 bags of litter.

The landcare group has been participating in Clean Up Australia Day for twenty years and Clontarf are regular supporters.

January Community Planting

Following a successful trial of 50 native plants in 2018, a further 150 trees, shrubs and vines were planted as part of Rapid Creek Landcare Group’s “Focus on the Lower Catchment” project. 11 keen members turned up to help which was great considering it was early Sunday on a long weekend and it had poured rain all night. The rain stopped almost on cue at 7.30am.

In addition to the new plantings work has been undertaken to remove coffee bush and other invasive species from along the western verge of the mangroves from the mouth of Rapid Creek upstream to Trower Road. Both of these habitat restoration works have been supported by funding from the NT Recreational Fisheries Grant Scheme.

Habitat Protected For Special Owl

Rapid Creek is home to the rare Rufous Owl, its presence highlights the significance of the monsoon rainforest lining the creek (owl pictured clasping its latest meal, January 2019). Thanks to efforts of landcare group members and City of Darwin aldermen, the Darwin International Airport drilled their new rising sewer main right underneath Rapid Creek and the surrounding rainforest. The airport’s original plan was to trench the sewer through the owl’s habitat, clearing a wide swathe of vegetation. 


Vale Ian Kiernan

We have been supporting Clean Up Australia for nearly 20 years, annually registering sites for both Clean Up Australia Days and the Great Northern Clean Up. In August 2010 Ian Kiernan was in Darwin to promote Clean Up Australia and visited Rapid Creek (pictured with Tara and Peter). He was an inspiration to us all. We held our 2018 Great Northern Clean Up on 7 October at the mouth of Rapid Creek. Volunteers filled 30 bags with mostly plastic and glass items and also found a bathroom hand basin and the remnants of a payphone.

Coffee Bush Control

Rapid Creek Landcare Group has continued to work in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia to control coffee bush on the mangrove edges. They have been working from the yellow bridge at the mouth of Rapid Creek along the western side of the creek to Trower Road. City of Darwin have helped out by chainsawing the larger plants (a special thanks to Geoff Stevens) and taking the cut weeds away. The challenge now is to keep on top of regrowth and new growth over the forthcoming wet season.

They paved paradise, And put up a parking lot

                                                                   Joni Mitchell

In 2011 the Darwin International Airport cleared mature eucalypt woodland at Rapid Creek for the temporary Airport Lodge Stage 3 development (read our submission opposing the development here). The Airport Lodge Stage 3 is now being removed and there appear to be no plans for the area. The Rapid Creek Landcare Group urges the Airport to develop existing cleared land instead of clearing healthy native vegetation for future developments. The proposed Dan Murphy’s will be a test.

Seedlings Planted at “The Spit”

In January members of the Rapid Creek Landcare Group planted native seedlings at “The Spit” project. Thanks to the Parks and Wildlife rangers for digging the holes and installing the gate. Read more here.


Clontarf Students Help Rapid Creek

Once again the Clontarf Foundation students worked hard at our Great Northern Clean Up on 1 November at the mouth of Rapid Creek.

Group Submissions

The Landcare Group has recently made submissions on the Mararra netball facility and the Lakeside Drive master plan. Read more here.

Seniors Guided Walk for Cancer Council

The Rapid Creek Landcare Group held a guided walk to help the Cancer Council celebrate Seniors Month. Leaving from the Jingili Water Gardens they went upstream exploring the monsoon forest lining Rapid Creek. Watch a short movie here.

Field Trip on the Gurambai Trail

In August the Rapid Creek Landcare Group and the NT Field Naturalists held a field trip on the Gurambai Trail at Darwin International Airport. Highlights included flowering Melastoma malabathricum and Osbeckia australiana and nesting Brown Honeyeaters. Read about it here.

Tree Vandals Attack Rapid Creek

We were horrified to find over 60 trees cut down in the precious monsoon forest at Rapid Creek (listen to ABC Radio Breakfast story, also on ABC Facebook and in Sun Newspaper). Many of the trees were just left lying on the ground. Alderman Justine Glover from Waters Ward said “Rapid Creek is such a precious, unique environment that we all need to be responsible for ... if you see something report it … we have to protect this magic place.” Kate Worden Member for Sanderson said “I am really disappointed to see such a senseless act and urge people to be vigilant.” Destruction of trees at Rapid Creek is becoming more common. If you see it happening call the police (NT Police on 13 1444, or AFP on 13 1237 for land on the airport).

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