Alleged illegal clearing in the upper catchment


April 2014 - land cleared of native vegetation

The Rapid Creek Landcare Group was devastated to find over 4 hectares of native vegetation cleared. This fact sheet provides more information. ABC article.   NT News article.

The Government told us they intend to prosecute, but this has not yet occurred. NT News article.   Letter from Minister Chandler.

May 2015 - no action

A year after the clearing nothing had happened.

Media release.   NT News article

September 2015 - contractor admits to clearing

ABC TV News did a follow up report on the alleged illegal clearing.

Read the online report

November 2015 - rezoning exhibited!!

Outrageously Minister Tollner has chosen to exhibit a proposal to rezone 1 Boulter Road.

Read our media release here.

Read our submission against the rezoning.

Read the Council’s comments in the Darwin Sun and their comprehensive report

December 2015 - minister refuses to prosecute

We were appalled that Minister Tollner has decided not to prosecute over the alleged illegal clearing at 1 Boulter Road. He admits in his letter to us that there is clear evidence of who carried out the clearing.

ABC News   Darwin Sun   NT News.

We call on Minister Tollner to immediately prosecute the people responsible to the full extent of the law, and to have the area fully rehabilitated.

May 2016 - Boulter Road not the only case

There are other incidents of illegal clearing of native vegetation going unprosecuted.

Read NT News article here.

August 2016 - rezoning approved

Minister Tollner has rewarded the illegal clearing at 1 Boulter Road by rezoning the land to facilitate development.

Watch the ABC TV News article here.